"Wonderfully vintage yet profoundly new and exciting. Intimate, journey-bound jazz from a silken voice."


Born near Vancouver, BC, Canada, with a childhood in Pryor, Oklahoma, Maria Schafer has spent her young adulthood in Southern California. 

A long story short: Maria wanted to be a doctor. Did all the right academic things to make that happen, but after a paperwork issue made that a distinct impossibility, she turned to music to simply bide her time while waiting for things to be processed. After 2 years spent studying music (still waiting for the Pre-Med life to happen), she finally faced the music (ha!) and accepted the fact that she was quite good at singing and making music...a hard pill to swallow for some. 

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After time spent at Mt. San Antonio College in Bruce Rogers' groups Singcopation,and Chamber Singers she completed her jazz studies at California State University, Long Beach with Christine Guter and her group Pacific Standard Time. Over the last 5 years Maria has toured the US, Canada, and Japan twice over with The Glenn Miller Orchestra, competed in competitions in Latvia and Australia, produced 2 of her own albums and recorded on many albums for other leaders, and performs all around California with her intimate guitar duos, modern jazz quartets, and hard-swinging 8-piece little big band. 

Hear her on recordings with: The James Kob Experience, and Eric Hirschorn

Notable stages performed on: Montreal Symphony House - Montreal, QC, Canada; Carnegie Hall - New York City, NY, USA; Monterey Jazz Festival - Monterey, CA, USA; Splendid Palace - Riga, Latvia; Blue Note Tokyo - Tokyo, Japan; Glasshouse Port Macquarie - Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia; Blue Note Nagoya - Nagoya, Japan; Cotton Club - Tokyo, Japan; Bunkamura Orchard Hall - Tokyo, Japan

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