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Drum solo from Karo Galadjian - You Don't Know What Love Is

November 22, 20231 min read

Kulak's Woodshed in North Hollywood, CA is not exactly a performance venue but rather an interesting little video studio where you basically can invite a very small audience of fans in to help recoup some of the production costs via ticket costs. It's a nice offering for musicians in town and I took a new partnership with jazz saxophonist and composer Nick Gomez to try out a first-time concert there.

This concert was on a Sunday and I had just taken bass player David Reynoso and drummer Karo Galadjian out on tour for about 2 weeks, so their playing was fresh and inventive on my charts! I adore Karo's drum intro on this one as well as his solo at the very end; be sure to check out the Youtube video to hear both parts! This arrangement was one I wrote while still in school with my first band and brings in a cool Afro-Cuban influence and ostinato.

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